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OLD NEWS IS STILL GOOD NEWS, SO PICK YOUR YEAR: 200220012000199919981997
A DECADE OF "OZONE" CELEBRATED (11/22/2003): January, 2004 marks one full decade since the first release of J.R. Bookwalter's OZONE, and Tempe is here to celebrate. Following this year's successful re-issue of the film as STREET ZOMBIES (which put the $3,500 "little film that could" into Blockbuster and Hollywood Video chains), Tempe DVD now announces the followup: the January 6, 2004 street date of the OZONE 10th Anniversary Special Edition!

OZONE 10th Anniversary Special EditionPriced at only $19.99 SRP, this dual-layer disc is hands-down the most packed Tempe Special Edition ever! The remastered picture has been re-encoded, providing an even higher-quality image than the STREET ZOMBIES release, with the same pounding 5.1 surround mix. But that's where the similarities end, as the OZONE 10th Anniversary Special Edition DVD lays out an arsenal of extras:

• Digitally remastered picture from the original elements (1.33:1 full-frame)
• Dolby Digital 5.1 surround remix
• Commentary track with producer/director J.R. Bookwalter and star James Black
• “Paying for Your Past Sins: The OZONE Story” making-of featurette (30 mins.)
• "Into The Black" — James Black & OZONE (8 mins.)
• Behind-the-scenes footage (7 mins.)
• Location tour with actor James L. Edwards (5 mins.)
• Early test footage shot by the screenwriter (13 mins.)
• OZONE: DROGA MORTAL — Scenes from the Spanish-language version (12 mins.)
• Isolated music score audio track
• 1992 B’s Nest Video Magazine intro (6 mins.)
• Production still gallery
• Conceptual art & box cover gallery
• Articles & reviews press gallery
• Trailers from U.S. 1993, 2003, "Street Zombies" re-release and 1995 Japanese release
• Tempe DVD trailers & coming attractions
• Full-color insert with introduction by producer/director J.R. Bookwalter

In addition to these features, the disc includes a last-minute hidden Easter egg and a reversible sleeve containing the updated original artwork plus an OZONE version of the artwork included on STREET ZOMBIES. As usual, our titles are available at all major online vendors including,,,, and many others.

And best of all, you don't have to wait until January 6, 2004 to own this disc. We're taking orders for them right now at the Tempe Online Store, and you'll get $5 off the SRP by ordering today! Product is expected to ship late next week, so be the first kid on your block to have your very own copy!

CONVENTION REPORT (11/22/2003): We've added one last convention to close out 2003!

Dark Xmas - December 5-7, 2003
Youngstown Inn, 1051 North Niles Road, Youngstown, OH 44515
For tickets or more information
Guests include producer/director J.R. Bookwalter, BAD MOVIE POLICE stars Lilith Stabs
& Jeff Dylan Graham and many others! Screenings of OZONE, THE SANDMAN (shot only a
stone's throw from the convention) and DEADLY STINGERS. Our last show of the year!

BEYOND SIGHT. BEYOND SOUND. BEYOND PAIN! (10/6/2003): Our Splatter Rampage label has become known as a home for splatter comedies such as Chris Seaver's wild MULVA: ZOMBIE ASS KICKER! & FILTHY McNASTY (available in one Double Feature DVD) and the LORD OF THE RINGS parody QUEST FOR THE EGG SALAD. But now, Splatter Rampage is about fuse splatter comedy with the wild extreme sports craze in our November 4th, 2003 release of SPLATTER RAMPAGE WRESTLING! (Pre-ordering now!)
Barbed wire. Thumbtacks. Cheese graters!?! For the WRC wrestling federation, it’s just another day at the office. Join Sam the Dirty Bum as he presents the greatest feuds between these backyard warriors in SPLATTER RAMPAGE WRESTLING!! Watch in horror as they do everything from dive off rooftops through tables, to setting each other on fire! The Masked Mauler...Skulls...Puppy Lover...all these wrestlers have one goal in mind -- to be crowned champion of the WRC! It’s violent, it’s extreme, and it’s insanely hysterical!

SPLATTER RAMPAGE WRESTLING fans will also be treated to several bonus features on the DVD, including interviews and two music videos! The title retails for $14.99 and can be pre-ordered now from our website or nearly all online vendors, including,,,,,, and many others.

MOVIES SO BAD...THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW. AND NOW, THERE IS! (8/6/2003): For anyone who's ever watched a movie so bad you wished acting required a permit or that a 14-day waiting period was mandatory to buy a camera... Tempe Video's new Bad Movie Police label seeks out the worst "cine-terrorists" in movie history and brings their crimes to justice for your entertainment! On the heels of glowing praise following preview screenings this summer, the first two episodes in the series, BAD MOVIE POLICE CASE #1: GALAXY OF THE DINOSAURS and BAD MOVIE POLICE CASE #2: CHICKBOXER, will street exclusively on DVD this October 14, 2003 (prebook Sept. 1) at the budget price of just $9.99 SRP each.

BAD MOVIE POLICE CASE #1Indie film starlets Ariauna Albright (WITCHOUSE 2: BLOOD COVEN) and Lilith Stabs (CREMAINS) join forces as two of the sexiest and most ass-kicking femme crimefighters ever to hit the small screen. As Sgt. Elke Mantooth and Lt. Drucilla Dread, they hunt down the makers of the film industry's worst offenders -- and look good while doing it! Joining them as series regulars are Jeff Dylan Graham (DEAD & ROTTING), Jesse Bean (TV's PROVIDENCE), Rick Irvin (CRYPTZ) and B-movie queen Tanya Dempsey (WITCHOUSE 3: DEMON FIRE) in a recurring role as newscaster Jessica Mills.

Series creator J.R. Bookwalter, director of cult faves such as THE DEAD NEXT DOOR and two popular WITCHOUSE sequels, hopes to build a cult following for BAD MOVIE POLICE by utilizing the actors in ongoing roles and bringing familiar faces and industry veterans in for cameos offering knowing winks to B-movie fanatics. The series particularly targets fans of the classic (and now-defunct) MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 and Elvira's MOVIE MACABRE.

Each entry in the new cult comedy label will feature an all-new opening segment in which the Bad Movie Police attempts to take a bite out of bad movie crime, culminating in a top ten list of the crimes committed against cinematic entertainment. All discs in the series include "evidence" to support how bad the feature is, including a hilarious commentary track, making-of featurettes and still gallery.
Headlining the first two 1992 features in the series is actor James Black, who went from these lost turkeys to more legit fare as star of the popular TV show THE BURNING ZONE and later big-screen roles in OUT OF SIGHT and SOLDIER. GALAXY OF THE DINOSAURS' main claim to fame is the Ed Wood-style inclusion of 35mm stock footage from PLANET OF THE DINOSAURS intercut with new footage shot behind the director's father's house, while CHICKBOXER boasts a "lost" cameo by '80s scream queen Michelle Bauer (HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS) prior to her retirement.

A sneak peek at the advertising campaign for BAD MOVIE POLICE is already online along with downloadable JPEG desktops for the Mac or PC. BAD MOVIE POLICE CASE #3: HUMANOIDS FROM ATLANTIS is already in the can and scheduled for release in early 2004, with two additional episodes shooting this fall.

HELL ASYLUM Special EditionHALLOWEEN UNLEASHES FEATURE-PACKED TEMPE DVD FAVORITES AT BUDGET PRICES (7/9/2003): Back by popular demand, Tempe Video is re-releasing the Full Moon horror favorites HELL ASYLUM and DEAD & ROTTING as Special Edition DVDs with all-new features, just in time for Halloween. Previously only available through the company's website, both discs include new features not released on the previous Limited Edition versions, and will be priced for sell-thru at $9.99 SRP each. They debut on September 16, 2003 (prebook Aug. 4).

HELL ASYLUM, starring WITCHOUSE 3: DEMON FIRE starlets Tanya Dempsey and Brinke Stevens in addition to Joe Estevez (SOULTAKER), Debra Mayer (TV's CHARMED) and Stacey Scowley (THE BROTHERHOOD II: YOUNG WARLOCKS), follows a group of models through the terrors of a reality television show, only they quickly discover the supernatural spectres with blood-soaked claws aren't the work of the producers! The updated Special Edition DVD features an additional commentary track by director Danny Draven, 23 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, 7 minutes of makeup FX footage, the Fetish Doll music video "The Worm" and a Draven trailer reel.

DEAD & ROTTING Special EditionDEAD & ROTTING, which headlines Debbie Rochon QUEST FOR THE EGG SALAD(AMERICAN NIGHTMARE), Jeff Dylan Graham (SELENA), and Trent Haaga (CITIZEN TOXIE) now features an extended behind-the-scenes segment (twice the length of the Limited Edition) and most of the disc has been re-encoded at a higher bitrate for improved quality. The makeup FX-heavy feature, which finds an old witch taking revenge on a trio of rednecks responsible for killing her son, streets on the same date.

Also arriving September 16, 2003 (prebook Aug. 4) from Tempe's Splatter Rampage label is the LORD OF THE RINGS spoof, QUEST FOR THE EGG SALAD. The riotous spoof directed by Chris Seaver stars cult actress Tina Krause (AN EROTIC VAMPIRE IN PARIS). The offbeat comedy is accompanied by two commentary tracks, an extensive behind-the-scenes and bloopers segment and more. (This title has moved from its original August street date.)

"TOWNIES" STAR STRIKES GOLD IN "AMERICAN SPLENDOR" (7/3/2003): Toby Radloff, the eccentric actor known to audiences for performing delightfully twisted roles in cult favorites such as the KILLER NERD films and the dark comedy TOWNIES (now available from Tempe DVD), is one of the characters in the upcoming AMERICAN SPLENDOR.

Winner of the Sundance Grand Jury Prize earlier this year, AMERICAN SPLENDOR is an original mix of fiction and reality which illuminates the life of comic book hero everyman Harvey Pekar, who based the film on his own life and those within it, including Radloff, who portrays himself in several on-camera interviews, then is portrayed by actor Judah Friedlander in the film.

Toby RadloffAn MTV News veteran and self-proclaimed "Genuine Nerd," Radloff began his career in the sensationally demented KILLER NERD and BRIDE OF KILLER NERD, then took on the lead role of "Dickie" in the deliciously dark comedy TOWNIES, which was recently released exclusively on DVD by Tempe Video (exclusively distributed by Ventura). The popular Special Edition DVD, packed with over 2 hours of extras including short Toby Radloff web segments, commentary by the director and stars, photo gallery and more is being prepared for its second pressing as the result of higher than expected sales upon its release May 27, 2003.

Radloff comments, "To me, AMERICAN SPLENDOR is my ticket to the big time, based on the awards the film won at Sundance and Cannes, and the overwhelming positive feedback received so far. If someone sees SPLENDOR, sure enough there will be rekindled interest in TOWNIES. [Director] Wayne Alan Harold did a very tasteful job portraying necrophilia...I had a great time doing TOWNIES."

Radloff will next headline ABERRATION BOULEVARD, reuniting him with TOWNIES creator Harold. The title will also be released by Tempe next year as part of its ongoing slate of edgy and provocative indie films that include remastered Special Editions of the horror titles WITCHOUSE 3: DEMON FIRE, SKINNED ALIVE (both currently available), the controversial BLOODLETTING (Aug. 19) and the Splatter Rampage DVD double feature MULVA: ZOMBIE ASS KICKER! & FILTHY MCNASTY (Aug. 12).

"BLOODLETTING" DIRECTOR WALSH INTERVIEWED (6/12/2003): The folks at sat down with WITCHOUSE 3: DEMON FIRE screenwriter Matthew Jason Walsh to discuss his directorial debut on the 1997 Tempe production, BLOODLETTING (which makes it Special Edition DVD debut on Aug. 19, 2003). The results of that interview are now online!

UTTERTRASH.NET INTERVIEWS J.R. BOOKWALTER (6/7/2003): Tempe pal Bob Ignizio has a great Ohio-themed website called Utter Trash, and he recently did a "virtual sit-down" with our own J.R. Bookwalter to talk about 18 years of independent filmmaking. The interview covered so much ground that Bob has split it into two parts, the first of which is now online. The gripping finale will appear next month...

Part One focuses on the early Tempe films, from Bookwalter's humble beginnings in Akron, Ohio and leading up to the move to Los Angeles in 1997 that led him to Full Moon's doorstep. Part Two promises to be an in-depth look behind-the-scenes of Tempe's relationship with Full Moon and the circumstances that have led Bookwalter to break away and launch Tempe DVD.

TEMPE RELEASE PARTY CHATS RETURN TO B-INDEPENDENT.COM! (6/1/2003): One week from today...Sunday, June 8, 2003 at 7 pm EST (4 pm PST)...tune your browser to as we re-launch our monthly Tempe release party chats! We'll be back every month to promote our latest titles the weekend following street date.

Our first chat of 2003 will be a trio — first and foremost, we'll be celebrating the May 27 national release of Wayne Alan Harold's dark comedy TOWNIES. And we have plenty to celebrate, since the title was picked up by Best Buy, Musicland/Suncoast and other retailers! We'll also be chatting about the June 10 re-releases of WITCHOUSE 3: DEMON FIRE and SKINNED ALIVE which will now be available at a lower retail price of $14.99.

Join some of the creators and stars of these movies at next weekend...we'll be back in July to promote BLOODLETTING Special Edition and MULVA: ZOMBIE ASS KICKER! & FILTHY McNASTY Double Feature!

CONVENTION REPORT (6/1/2003): Tempe is hitting the convention circuit again in 2003!

Monsters Among Us - July 5-6, 2003
Radisson Hotel Los Angeles International Airport • 6225 West Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
For tickets or more information
Meet the stars of the forthcoming BAD MOVIE POLICE!
Guests include producer/director J.R. Bookwalter and stars Ariauna Albright and Lilith Stabs!
Tempe has become a staple of this show!

Twisted Nightmare Weekend - September 19-21, 2003
Crowne Plaza Suites Quaker Square, Akron, Ohio
For tickets or more information
Guests include producer/director J.R. Bookwalter, BAD MOVIE POLICE star Lilith Stabs
plus TOWNIES director Wayne Alan Harold, BLOODLETTING writer/director Matthew Jason Walsh
and many others. Our last show of the year!

FULL MOON TOYS BLOWOUT! (5/11/2003): The various websites of Full Moon (including the Fan Club launched earlier this year) are officially dead, but Tempe Video has acquired the last remaining inventory of the Full Moon Toys and all seven figures are now being offered from our online store at blowout prices — from $4.99 to $9.99! Get them while you can, because when they're gone...they're all gone!!

The seven figures are:


"TOWNIES" AT BEST BUY & MORE DVD UPDATES! (5/11/2003): We reported in March that Tempe DVD was returning this summer with a new line of DVD releases. The first title out of the gate is the May 27 re-release of the TOWNIES Special Edition (pushed back from May 13) at the same retail price of $19.99.

TOWNIES Special Edition DVDAnd we've got a lot to celebrate! Best Buy just came in with a large initial order on the title, adding to orders already placed by Musicland/Suncoast and others! That means Tempe fans will have easy access to buy TOWNIES when it hits stores later this month. We've also started posting information on our July 8 releases of BLOODLETTING Special Edition and MULVA: ZOMBIE ASS KICKER! / FILTHY McNASTY Double Feature.

Following up these titles in August is Chris Seaver's whacky LORD OF THE RINGS parody, QUEST FOR THE EGG SALAD (Splatter Rampage, $14.99). The disc includes two commentary tracks and a making-of & bloopers featurette plus trailers for our other titles. It has a street date of August 12, 2003.

August 19, 2003 will also mark the return of two of last year's most popular titles: HELL ASYLUM and DEAD & ROTTING, now available nationwide in Special Edition versions for the low retail price of $9.99 each! We have removed the bonus films MULVA: ZOMBIE ASS KICKER! and FILTHY McNASTY since they are now available on their own, but in their place look for some all-new features!

HELL ASYLUM gains a brand-new second commentary track by Danny Draven who tells some of the technical aspects of the movie's creation. There's also a new behind-the-scenes segment, a look at the makeup effects work and a Danny Draven trailer reel. DEAD & ROTTING restores the original 28-minute behind-the-scenes segment (the Limited Special Edition version was cut down to 12 minutes) and many of the extras have been re-encoded for the best possible quality.

Please be sure to visit our DVD Release Schedule, which has been recently updated with some title and date changes!

TEMPE DVD RETURNS WITH NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION DEAL (3/1/2003): We've been laying low with our Tempe-branded DVD releases since last summer, but that's all about to change. Thanks to a new national distribution deal, we'll be releasing two brand-new DVD titles per month beginning in July!

First up on May 13th is the re-release of TOWNIES. This title was first released back in July, 2002 to rave reviews and is being offered to our new national accounts at the same retail price of $19.99.

Following on June 10th is double blast of our best-reviewed titles — WITCHOUSE 3: DEMON FIRE and SKINNED ALIVE, now available at a new lower retail price of $14.99 each. All the great extras remain, only the price has changed!

MULVA/FILTHY Double FeatureThe excitement really begins on July 8th when we roll out our first two new titles:

BLOODLETTING Special Edition (Tempe DVD, $19.99)
MULVA: ZOMBIE ASS KICKER! / FILTHY McNASTY Double Feature (Splatter Rampage, $9.99)

Full details will follow soon on these titles and more information about our three labels (Tempe DVD, Bad Movie Police, Splatter Rampage). For now, our complete 2003 release schedule is posted online!

Please note we will no longer be offering new VHS versions of our releases — the fans have spoken and VHS is dead! Current editions of TOWNIES and SKINNED ALIVE are being discontinued, available while supplies last. Other titles will be made available until their DVD editions are released.

We're also planning to resurrect our monthly release party chats, beginning in May to promote TOWNIES. Stay tuned for more details!

"SKINNED ALIVE" HITS PAY-PER-VIEW, NABS TOP 10 HONORS (1/27/2003): Our 1989 splatterfest SKINNED ALIVE continues to rise from the grave! In February and March, cable television fans can purchase the film on InDemand pay-per-view. And yes, it's the same fully uncut, remastered edition currently available in two different VHS & DVD releases (the bare-bones rental edition from Wizard Video and the fully-stocked Special Edition from Tempe).

The Tempe Special Edition DVD of SKINNED ALIVE has also been blessed with not one but two honors as a Top 10 DVD of 2002! The first comes courtesy of FANGORIA associate editor Michael Gingold who exclaims, "Proves beyond question that hearing about what went wrong on an independent film is always more fun than hearing about what went right on a big-budget one." The second nod comes from Bruce Holecheck, a contributor to The disc scored some fantastic reviews last year and will be reissued June 10th, 2003 with a new lower retail price in all of your favorite retailers.

J.R. BOOKWALTER BACK ON B+ MOVIEMAKING RADIO SHOW (1/27/2003): Tempe ringleader J.R. Bookwalter was the featured guest on Les Sekely's syndicated B+ Moviemaking radio talk show back in June, 2000. And this week, he's back with more.

This Wednesday, January 29th, 2003 from 4 to 5 pm PST, Bookwalter will again be the featured guest to talk about his most recent directorial efforts, including WITCHOUSE 2: BLOOD COVEN and WITCHOUSE 3: DEMON FIRE. Check your favorite radio station's website to see if they carry the syndicated B+ Moviemaking show.

STREET ZOMBIES"GROOM LAKE" & "STREET ZOMBIES" ARRIVE ON DVD (1/1/2003): Fans of J.R. Bookwalter's 1994 flick OZONE have reason to celebrate! The film, which was remastered over the past year, is getting a new lease on life on January 7th when it returns to home video under the new title STREET ZOMBIES. The low-budget wonder has exceeded all expectations, having shipped over 12,000 units to major retailers such as Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. In fact, STREET ZOMBIES has outsold its bigger-budgeted and more high-profile street date partner, the Tempe-produced William Shatner vehicle GROOM LAKE!
The Wizard Video DVD release of STREET ZOMBIES features the same remastered picture and sound we've been talking about all year, plus an exclusive director's commentary with J.R. Bookwalter that will not be featured on the pending OZONE Special Edition DVD (expected later in 2003).

Perhaps the most controversial (and biggest-budgeted) film in Tempe's 17-year history, William Shatner's GROOM LAKE also debuts on video on the same day. Starring Dan Gauthier, Amy Acker (ANGEL TV series), Tom Towles (HENRY, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 1990), Dick Van Patten (EIGHT IS ENOUGH), Brenda Bakke (DEMON KNIGHT) and Duane Whitaker (PULP FICTION), the film has been in post-production limbo since shooting wrapped over 2 years ago. J.R. Bookwalter produced the film, which features plenty of Tempe talent from the last few years including a cameo from actress Ariauna Albright (WITCHOUSE 2). See what all the controversy is about by ordering your own copy today!

Both films are now available on DVD from the Tempe Online Store for just $14.99 each, while supplies last only! (STREET ZOMBIES VHS edition not available.) These titles are not available for purchase anywhere else!

BOOKWALTER RETROSPECTIVE IN ARGENTINA (1/1/2003): J.R. Bookwalter headed to Mar del Plata, Argentina for the 4th annual Cinencuadre Film Festival as the guest of honor for a retrospective on his directing career, including screenings for six of his films with Spanish subtitles: THE DEAD NEXT DOOR, OZONE (first public screening of the remastered edition!), THE SANDMAN, POLYMORPH, WITCHOUSE 2: BLOOD COVEN and WITCHOUSE 3: DEMON FIRE.

Fans, filmmakers and press all enjoyed the retrospective, with Bookwalter in attendance for television and radio interviews plus a press conference on Saturday, Dec. 15. Fellow U.S. filmmaker Brian O'Hara was also in attendance with his outrageous horror-comedy ROCK 'N ROLL FRANKENSTEIN, and from "across the pond" in the U.K. was Richard Allison, debuting two entertaining short films (GRAVE MATTER and MY BEST FRIEND'S BROTHER IS A CYBERMAN). The bulk of the films being screened were Spanish-language with a few entries from other countries including Germany.

Visit the Tempe Talk message boards to read a quick breakdown of Bookwalter's trip, and click here for more information on Cinencuadre.

CONVENTION REPORT (1/1/2003): Tempe is hitting the convention circuit again in 2003!

Monsters Among Us - January 4 & 5, 2003
Radisson Hotel Los Angeles International Airport • 6225 West Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
For tickets or more information
Promoting the release of STREET ZOMBIES!
Guests include star James Black, plus Trent Haaga, Ariauna Albright and more!

Frightvision - March 28-30, 2003
Holiday Inn Independence • 6001 Rockside Rd., Independence, OH
For tickets or more information
Guests include producer/director J.R. Bookwalter and actress Lilith Stabs, with others to be announced soon! Also additional Friday-night screenings of Tempe remastered classics. Our 4th year at this excellent show!

Flashback Weekend - June 13-15, 2003
Radisson Hotel O'Hare, Rosemont, IL
For tickets or more information
Sneak preview screening of DEADLY STINGERS Friday night at 11:30 p.m.!
2nd great year! Guests include producer/director J.R. Bookwalter, actress/model Lilith Stabs,
writer/director Jason Paul Collum, actress Robyn Griggs, actor Ari Bavel, director Mark Burchett,
actress Stacey Sparks and the gang from Low-Budget Pictures!

These websites are still being updated with information so check back soon for full Tempe details.


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