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April 24, 2007

It may seem hard to believe, but we get a lot of e-mail and letters asking a lot of varied questions. When we have time, we send back personalized answers. But, sometimes we don't.

So, we present our list of FAQ to help answer some of your questions. (But feel free to continue to e-mail us, especially if we've forgotten something important.)

Q: I have the best indie movie ever made! How can I get Tempe to distribute my genius to the world?
We are not officially accepting submissions at this time as we are starting to produce films in-house again. However, we are always seeking interesting documentaries on any subject and entertaining features of all genres. We are less interested in horror-comedies, but we'll entertain anything well-made if we think we can do business with it.

Screeners on DVD or VHS (NTSC or PAL is acceptable) may be submitted to: Tempe Entertainment, Attn: Acquisitions, P.O. Box 212, Uniontown, OH 44685-0212 USA. Please allow 6-8 weeks for us to view your submission and include an e-mail address so that we can contact you. (Revised April 24, 2007)

Q: If I send you my screenplay, will you read/produce it?
At this time, we are not accepting screenplays. Please check back at a later date.
(Revised Nov. 28, 2005)

Q: What's going with DEADLY STINGERS? Will it be released soon?
DEADLY STINGERS (aka STINGERS) was the last feature directed by Tempe founder J.R. Bookwalter (as of this writing). It was produced for Shadow Entertainment (i.e., Full Moon) as part of a deal with Fox Home Video, and delivered back in March, 2004. It's a mystery as to why the film hasn't been released yet, but rumor is that Fox sandbagged their direct-to-video horror flicks around the time that STINGERS was made, leaving the movie without a home upon completion. We're fairly certain it will wind up somewhere eventually, but in the meantime you can get a sneak peek by taking a look at the teaser reel which is now online.
(Revised April 24, 2007)

Q: I've got a Really Good Movie that I made and want to send it to see what J.R. thinks of it. Can I do that?
A: There's no promise that J.R. will watch it (he's really picky!). But if you send something, chances are good that somebody will watch it, eventually. Send your non-returnable tapes/discs/cash donations/bribes to: Tempe Entertainment, P.O. Box 212, Uniontown, OH 44685-0212 USA. (Revised July 9, 2006)

Q: It looks like you guys aren't working with Full Moon/Shadow anymore. What happened?
A: It's true...after over 5 years working with Full Moon, we've moved back into old-school Tempe. If you're looking for Full Moon information or products, we suggest you look elsewhere. (Added Feb. 25, 2003)

Q: I hear you guys do a lot of non-linear editing and post-production work on computers. I've been wanting to find out more about that. Will you teach me?
A: Sorry, no. We used to go around blabbing information and techniques to the world because we thought it was kind of cool and revolutionary. These days we're so busy applying all the stuff we've learned that we don't really have time to yak about it. There are plenty of good books and classes on just about anything you could imagine these days, so there's no excuse not to learn on your own! (The best knowledge is the kind you earn, not the kind you steal...)

Q: Hey, what happened to ALTERNATIVE CINEMA magazine?
A: Beats us. We sold it in April '97 to our former partners at E.I. Independent Cinema.

Q: Why can't I find a copy of (insert Tempe movie title here) at my local video store/retailer?
A: Well, stores only have so many spaces on the shelf, and there's a lot of stores out there, and a lot of stores don't like low-budget movies...we could go on and on, but suffice it to say it's a big world out there. The kinds of flicks we make cater to a fairly discriminate crowd (they're not for everybody). If you want to see more of our stuff out there, tell your local store about us. Give them our web site address, or show 'em some of the releases that you do have. Let the store know that you'd gladly rent these movies if they stocked them, and so would your friends, family, co-workers and pets. Our prices are really reasonable and most folks seem to dig we figure there's no reason why every store in America (and beyond) shouldn't have at least one Tempe title in-house. (Okay, so maybe that's overly optimistic...)


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