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LAST UPDATED: January 25, 2009

B+ Productions
B+ Productions was written, produced and directed by Mark Burchett and Michael Fox. These two have brought us movies like VAMPS: DEADLY DREAMGIRLS (1995), and EVIL AMBITIONS (1996). Both came from the minds of B+ to simply give us what we crave — escape! In an effort to bring their sometimes twisted ideas to the masses, these two have spent their time and talent producing fun and visual entertainment. Independent films are, for the most part, entertainment created by people just like you instead of what a corporation thinks will make money for their stockholders.

Bad Movie Police
Movies so bad...there ought to be a law. And now there is! Ariauna Albright and Lilith Stabs star as Sgt. Elke Mantooth and Lt. Drucilla Dread in Tempe's new DVD series devoted to hunting down and exposing the world's worst "cine-terrorists" for your entertainment.
Great new site to purchase & download feature films for the iPhone and AppleTV, including a small but growing number of Tempe favorites!

The B-Movie Film Vault
Welcome B-movie Fan, to the B-Movie Film Vault! Within the confines of the vault, you will find tons of reviews for: Creature Features, Zombie Movies, Classic B-Movies, Cult Films, and movies that are just... plain... bad! I've covered some all of the all time greatest b-movies and some of most deplorable films ever to grace a video store shelf. That's not all that's here though, oh no siree! You can vote in the Monthly Poll, buy or trade b-movies in the B-Movie Vault Market, read Articles, match wits with the webmaster in the Contest Vault, and discover multiple titles for a movie at the A.K.A. Page! Now go ahead and enjoy the site as I "Continue to Fight the Good Fight For B-Movie Lovers Everywhere!"
A review site dedicated to spreading the word about indie horror, erotica, exploitation and sleaze (and a few other nonsploitation things here and there as Master Editor Grand Guignol sees fit).

Cinegraphic Productions LLC
Cinegraphic Productions is an off-shoot production company of Polonia Bros. Entertainment, designed to produce motion pictures dedicated to the memory of John Polonia, who passed away too early in life, leaving behind a treasure of un-finished scripts and productions. His passion, dream and love of film will be realized through a series of new productions.

Cinema Eye
An online magazine of movie news and reviews from the folks who brought us the Eyeball and IndyMedia 'zines.

Jason Paul Collum
Former Cinefantastique editor and Femme Fatales journalist...writer/director of the 5 DARK SOULS series and the forthcoming Scream Queen documentary SOMETHING TO SCREAM ABOUT...assistant director on DEADLY STINGERS...what hasn't this guy done?

Dark Matter Studios
Tempe contributed to this one-shot independent comic book company and their first venture, the heronie Sybil War. Issue #00 recently debuted at the 30th Anniversary San Diego Comic-Con International and will make its way to stores in time for the Y2K. With artwork by Tempe pal David Lange and written by Don Adams, this site is a must for any true Tempe buff!

The Dead Next Door
The official site for our flagship production is now online with mini-movies, trailers, never-before-seen photos and much more!

Drowned Sorrow
Horror movie quiz, horror film clips, horror links, real ghost stories. Official website for Vanessa Morgan’s suspense thriller Drowned Sorrow.

Exhilarated Despair
They call it "The Official Home of Struggling Writer and Successful Dork Scott Phillips"...but to us he's the guy who wrote HORRORVISION! Check out Scott's mega-cool site and, if you're so inclined, hire him to write your next screenplay! We'll soon be releasing his directorial debut feature THE STINK OF FLESH on DVD...

The Flesh Farm
Jam-packed full of horror reviews, interviews, trailers, video clips, high-quality photos and more!

Hollywood is Burning
Filmmaker and journalist Mike Watt's site devoted to underground flicks and the underdogs who make them!

Halloween Horror Picture Show
The number one French website for horror films!

The Horror Post
Home to indie horror journalist Heidi Martinuzzi.

Brett Kelly
Home of Canadian writer/actor/director Brett Kelly, whose contributions to Splatter Rampage include THE BONESETTER and THE FERAL MAN!

Low-Budget Pictures
Chris Seaver and his merry band of genital-obsessed lunatics are the creators of MULVA: ZOMBIE ASS KICKER!, FILTHY McNASTY and QUEST FOR THE EGG SALAD among others.

Lurid Entertainment
Well, if it ain't Tempe pal Wayne A. Harold! Wayne is the former editor of Cool Stuff as well as a B-movie writer/director whose credits include KILLER NERD, BRIDE OF KILLER NERD and GIRLFRIENDS. This site is for Wayne's new venture, Lurid Entertainment, which we all suggest you check out immediately. He changes it constantly, so you can always be assured of seeing something new! Now on a new dedicated server featuring RealVideo movies!

Messenger for the Damned Productions
Check out this site devoted to underground filmmaker Brad Twigg. He's a big fan of Tempe so check out some of his cool flicks

Movie & Pop Forums
New message board for moviemakers and movie fans alike!

NEW!Phantom of the Movies' Videoscope
The ultimate genre DVD guide comes to the web!

Linnea Quigley
The First Lady of Scream Queens is back and better than ever! She's even got a Tempe connection from her cameo in ROBOT NINJA with Burt Ward and Scott Spiegel...

Fred Olen Ray
If you're a fan of B-movies, you can't possibly have not heard of producer/director Fred Olen Ray (unless maybe you lived in a cave for the last decade or so). At long last, the prolific Ray has found a dedicated home on the Internet. Includes up-to-date filmography and news on what he's up to next as well as a small ordering center for a few of his sell-through projects.

Stan Ridgway
Anyone with good musical taste (not to mention common sense) should be sure to check out this site, home of Stan Ridgway and his Drywall promotional engine. For the clueless among you, Stanard was the founder and driving force behind Wall of Voodoo, the band responsible for that immortal '80s classic "Mexican Radio" (among others like "Ring of Fire"). As a solo guy, Stan co-wrote and performed with drummer Stewart Copeland on "Don't Box Me In" for Francis Ford Coppolla's RUMBLE FISH in addition to several albums like "The Big Heat" and "Partyball."

Debbie Rochon
Starlet of Tempe's own WITCHOUSE 3: DEMON FIRE, DEAD & ROTTING and many others!

Felissa Rose
The talented SLEEPAWAY CAMP starlet and member of the elite SOMETHING TO SCREAM ABOUT club!

Lilith Stabs
The high priestess of horror — B-movie vixen, actress, comic book covergirl, industrial rock goddess, magazine starlet, pin-up, writer.

Brinke Stevens
Tempe's favorite Scream Queen and hostess of our very own SHOCK CINEMA series, the lovely, brainy and talented Brinke Stevens is finally on the Web officially. Find out where she'll be at conventions around the country, buy photos and videos and much more. And with Brinke armed with her shiny new iBook, you never know where she's lurking online...!

TrickShot Productions
Filmmaker Richard Allison co-founded Trickshot Productions in 1998 with a mission to independently produce high quality innovative films with no formal training or backing from the industry. Richard's films GRAVE MATTER and MY BEST FRIEND'S BROTHER IS A CYBERMAN were featured at the 4th annual Cinencuadre Film Festival where he rubbed elbows with Tempe's own J.R. Bookwalter and actress Ariauna Albright.

Duane Whitaker
DuaneWhitaker.comEDDIE PRESLEY himself! Of course, to the average moviegoer, Duane is best known for his role as Maynard the pawn shop owner in PULP FICTION. His other credits include co-writing/co-starring in FROM DUSK 'TIL DAWN 2: TEXAS BLOOD MONEY, producing CAMP UTOPIA and about a thousand other things. Strangely, he has yet to actually work for Tempe, but we consider him family...

Chuck Williams Fan ClubChuck Williams Fan Club
If you're a Tempe fan and the name "Chuck Williams" doesn't ring a bell, you've probably been living in acave for the last 6 or 7 years! Chuck first entered the Tempe fold with a cameo role in WITCHOUSE 2: BLOOD COVEN and went on to co-produce the first four DVCAM shows we did for Full Moon (HORRORVISION, STITCHES, THE VAULT and GROOM LAKE). He was also a lead in the rare Lance Randas short TWICE THE FUN. Chuck is probably best known to movie fans as one of Elvis' sidekicks in BUBBA HO-TEP, but he's got a lengthy resumé in all facets of the film industry. Check him out!

Robert Z'Dar
One of the most recognized faces in the entertainment industry. He portrayed the enraged convict in TANGO & CASH, co-starring opposite Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell; the enforcer in the gangster flick MOBSTERS with Anthony Quinn, Christian Slater, and F. Murry Abraham; and the leading role as the crazed killer-cop Matt Cordell in the hit cult video series MANIAC COP I, II, and Ill.


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